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Rich Allcorn
... prophetic pastor, teacher and singer, public speaker, ywriter

Born and raised in a small West Texas community, Rich Allcorn grew up in cowboy country. Having spent a great deal of time on the family's 675 acre ranch, Rich is well familiar with the cowboy lifestyle, and is at home mostly in the country. One person was quoted in saying that Rich is a "rare breed of cowboy". He is very much a "techie" and he understands gadgets and technology in phenomical ways, and yet he still loves the simpler country life, country folk, and time spent sitting in front of a campfire with friends.

He loves camping, horseback riding, motorcycle trips, and 4WD back country trips in his Jeep! He loves world travel, sailing, pleasure cruises, and scuba diving and exploring ideas surrounding underwater vehicles and habiitats. He loves flying! He is also a Ham radio operator, and loves remote gadgetry, remote communications, and using his mind to overcome obstacles. He is an "in-touch" kind of guy!

He is an accomplished speaker and works well with crowds. He sings and is working at playing the guitar, and he does voices ... impressions, etc.! He well knows the ins and outs of sound equipment, video and lighting, and the things you need to know when producing, performing and teaching.

Rich is a talented individual, able to operate just about any piece of equipment or machinery. While serving in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Force Reserves, he had just about every warehouse tug, forklift, and vehicle that had wheels listed on his military drivers license. He operated front-end loaders, backhoes, trenchers, post hole diggers, tractors, front-end loaders, Jeeps, pick-ups, vans, delivery trucks, 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rigs, duce-n-half all-terrain trucks, and all sorts of farm implements and machinery as well.

Office equipment and technical machinery are no different. He can operate just about anything, with little or no instruction, from printers to copiers to faxes. In software he is just as adept at learning quickly, and has mastered the Microsoft Office suite to include MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint, and MSPublisher. He works well with Open Office, Libre Office and with Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote. He works with a variety of other software as well, many audio recording apps, website design apps, database software and management tools. He learns fast, and his expertise extends from Microsoft Windows to UNIX and LINUX, and even to Apples Mac OS X. He has served as IT Systems Engineer/Admin for UNIX and LINUX systems, for Windows Servers, and now working with Apple's Mac OS X Servers as well. He is well familiar with what is now called "cloud services", Lamp hosting services, domain registration and management, and social media services, blogging, and web page/HTML design, and has become a guru at Google Apps set up and configuration for domains and businesses.

And yet with all of these talents, in mechanics, in engineering, in creative design and photography, Rich's main interest is in ministry. He loves pastoring, teaching and encouraging! He also loves singing and worshipping his Father GOD!


Pastor Rich and Ministry
...........................................................called and chosen

pastors Rich and Jane in Cozumel, MexicoGod has totally changed Rich's life in so many different ways! He was born-again at the age of 8, baptized in the Holy Ghost at the age of 12. He has been teaching the Bible since he was a teenager. While in the Air Force, he preached and taught Bible in the local Christian Coffee House. Since then, he has led many Bible Studies, preached, sang, led praise & worship, and pastored. He and his wife, Jane, earned their degrees in Biblical & Theological Studies. They both are licensed and ordained, and have extensive experience in ministry and pastoring.

Rich and his wife have served as Associate Pastors, and as pastors, and have served and ministered in various positions of the church, and in many scenarios and venues! Rich is a teacher of the Word of God. He is called as a prophetic pastor, with apostolic gifts and callings, and a strong anointing in teaching. He is working to build a mininstry specializing in the teaching and sharing of the Word of GOD, and in the practical aspects of building a church, church management, soundroom and video department setup and productions, and online media presence. He wants pastors and their staff to be knowledgeable and well-able to communicate with others concerning their needs and venues in these varied areas of ministry.


Together as One
pastors Rich & Jane

pastors Rich and Jane AllcornThese two have served in various areas of the church and in church positions. To name a few, Rich served as a men's pastor, and has worked as a greeter, usher, head usher, sound tech, video productions tech, and director over both video and sound departments. He has served as a singer on many music teams, and as the Praise & Worship Leader himself. Jane has served in youth ministries, and as a Youth Director, in television camera operations, and as a special events planner.

They both have served as associate pastors for the Williamson County Cowboy Church, and even pastored their own church and ministry as sr. pastor and co-pastor of WORD CHURCH. Continuing under the ministry name of WORD CHURCH Ministries, they would love to minister remotely to other pastors around the world, mentoring them and encouraging them in the Word of GOD.

Currently living in the Austin Texas area near Round Rock, they enjoy time together and are driven for fellowship between the various pastors and ministries throughout the city. They both love time at the pool, the lake, or the ocean, swimming, and especially the beach! Rich and Jane love the Caribbean Islands, and the tropics, and frequently love to get away to do some needed camping, ard take some quiet time together, and with God.

Rich has recently begun to look into sailing, as a way to spend the next few years in ministering in the islands of the Caribbean, and traveling. Still selling Jane on the idea, they are always open to what God wants them to do first! To them, it is always important to be taking the gospel with them, wherever they go! They love travel and meeting new people, and especially sharing the love of Jesus.

Rich and Jane with fireworksWord Church logo

Do you find yourself ...
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